AUTO BILD 41/2020 –

The big XXL edition with 124 pages

Exciting new e-cars from VW: Roadsters, angular off-road vehicles and a new Kübelwagen. Plus: MX-30, e-2008 and e-Niro – three cool SUVs with a battery. And: used cars – the best second-hand e-cars.

A.ll those readers who write to me that we would do too much E (regular readers know that there are others who write the opposite as well) must now be strong: This issue of How To Cars is 124 pages thick and deals with the MOBILITY of TOMORROW. Before you put the magazine away in horror and think that we are …: Get involved! It would be better for us to explain what’s coming than for the others to do it.

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AUTO BILD editor-in-chief Tom Drechsler.

Every future technology started with small steps. AUTO BILD reader Dirk Mahlstaedt wrote to me enthusiastically about a garbage truck from Faun: A range of 400 km using 16 kg of hydrogen is currently sufficient to collect 1000 rubbish bins or 10 tons of rubbish in one day. I am curious to see how the future will develop. And I still have more questions than answers. Why is the government taxing bio-fuel as heavily as if it were fossil fuel? What does the finance minister do when he notices that mineral oil tax revenues are falling because more and more tax-exempt e-cars no longer refuel? Why are you being ripped off at the charging stations, do you need a subscription (three times more expensive than 7.99 Netflix) to get electricity prices like at home? A lot still needs to happen …

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The new AUTO BILD 41/2020: Here are all the topics

NEW HITS Exclusive – the exciting electric innovations from VW: Roadster, angular off-road vehicle and a new Kübelwagen NEWS Mercedes is expanding the EQ family with two sedans and a large SUV • Interview with the new Seat boss Wayne Griffiths about the future & electric • With the new Opel face: Facelift for the Mini-SUV Crossland X TEST & TECHNOLOGY Volvo XC40 Recharge: Compact SUV with electric drive • Comparison test electric SUV: Mazda MX-30 against Kia e-Niro and Peugeot e-2008 • Single test Honda e: What can the stylish electric flea really do? • News from the long-term test: We pick up the Hyundai Kona Elektro from the factory • Tire test summary: The best winter tires and all-season tires • Used cars: The best second-hand e-cars REPORTS Essay: plug-in instead of diesel? • Mallorca’s craziest electric car • Experience with electric cars • The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft • Essay: Is hydrogen the future? • The ITS Congress 2021 in Hamburg • China steps on the gas: E-cars from Xpeng • Land party with the Kia e-Soul SERVICE The big market overview: All 541 cars for which the e-premium is available • The alternatives: fuels from organic to synthetic • The slightly different e-mobiles • The bicycle car from Canyon • Light test weeks: on the trail of the dark men. Plus: Mitsubishi Space Star worth 16,464 euros to be won HEADINGS Opinion: My petrol is too loud • People: EnBW manager Sillober • Connected Car Award • People: Uber Germany boss • Fiat campaign: Life is colorful • Extra tour: The future visions of German car designers.

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