I think electric cars are good cars. Period. But do you know what upsets me? That when celebrating e-mobility – and yes, I know, dear readers, we are doing a lot – we completely ignore reality. 500,000 e-cars, 600,000 hybrids – against 47 million others. If around ten million e-cars are to be driving and charging on our roads by 2030, what does that mean?

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Even if the total number of cars decreased sharply, it would only be 25 Percent of the total market. That’s why I say: if you can change now, do it. Who doesn’t because too expensive because it is not available from the Arif you can still charge at home, he’ll let it go for now. The E-Autos of the coming years cheaper and better, the charging infrastructure MUST get better.

Tom turner

AUTO BILD editor-in-chief Tom Drechsler.

A survey by Check24 on this: The interest in pure electric cars is greater in rural areas of Germany than in cities: 10.9 to 7.8 percent. Dr. Rainer Klipp, Managing Director of Motor Vehicle Insurance at the comparison portal: “In rural areas, many car drivers can recharge at home in their own garage.” The survey also showed: 49.7 percent of rural residents and 50.9 percent of city dwellers who have bought a car in the last twelve months or are planning to do so want a petrol engine. That’s the reality.

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