I was after 20 months in the cinema again. James Bond, two adults, 42 euros. Boom! It was just a movie! Unbelievable, no wonder many prefer to watch Netflix. Everything is getting more and more expensive and we pay, pay, pay! I’m curious to see when the first politician will tell the future traffic light. Better: whether someone says it. Mobility for each of us, mobility as we know it today, will only be one thing in the future: it will become more expensive!

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We see at the gas stations the price increases, many start pondering, look for alternatives. But let’s not kid ourselves. bus and train will of course also be more expensiveden and are not a practical alternative for many. Hydrogen? Where should it come from, where are the cars for it? That is not (yet) the solution. eFuels? It doesn’t exist yet, that’s just the reality. And certainly cheaper not. E-cars? Sure, but still too expensive for many. And the price of electricity also increases.

Tom turner

AUTO BILD editor-in-chief Tom Drechsler

Do you just drive less? Many of us simply cannot do that. Work / living / living – at most of them are the foundation so that everything works, your own car. Everyone knows that who wants us to work well and Pay taxes?

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