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Audi – will the new A4 bring back the lead? In addition: SUV bestsellers in comparison – new VW Tiguan vs. BMW X1 and Mazda CX-5. And: New Hyundai i20 vs. Polo.

Na, it made “rummms” in the European public after we reported in BILD am SONNTAG, BILD and AUTO BILD about the most stringent emissions standard of all time, the planned Euro 7. At the Chancellor’s summit it was a topic in all media. Some felt called upon to defend something that fits their worldview: Excitement about nothing, many cars would hardly emit NOx even today in the RDE test. Right, only the new standard also includes a new RDE test. No car could do that today. That reminds me of the demos against the bypass motorway in the Dannenröder forest. Those who live there and whose life the autobahn would make safer are not demonstrating. Starting on page 30, we try to present the debate and its consequences in an objective manner.

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In general: hating the car is expensive. Political framework conditions (and not Corona alone) mean that the industry – we’re talking about 2.6 million jobs – has to transform itself even faster and more radically. Some manufacturers may be stronger and better prepared, others may not. In this respect it is paradoxical: you are first tortured and then made fit again with billions. Where does the money come from? Of everyone who pays taxes?

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The new AUTO BILD 48/2020: Here are all the topics

NEW HITS The new Audi A4 is coming in 2022 – and has to be a success • Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Facelift, Honda Civic, ID.3 clone BYD D1 NEWS Alcohol testing devices: It’s so easy to trick them, a study shows • 5 facts about the SALD battery • Honda can now drive the Legend autonomously to level 3 TEST & TECHNOLOGY Hyundai Tucson: First drive with the prototype • Hyundai i30 N: The GTI hunter goes up • First ride in the Porsche 911 GT3 • Fiat 500e 3 + 1: The cult small car comes electric and with an extra door • Toyota GR Yaris: Maximum Fun • Comparison of SUV bestsellers: VW Tiguan versus BMW X1 and Mazda CX-5 • Mercedes E 300 e 4Matic: Business sedan with all-wheel drive and plug • Small car comparison: Hyundai i20 versus VW Polo • News from the long-term test • Used cars: Subaru XV REPORTS Will the new Euro 7 standard 2025 come with a combustion ban? • Series “My life as …”: Dr. Ralf Buchstaller, TÜV psychologist SERVICE Test: Nine multi-oils put to the test • Wallbox ex works: For which models is the 900 euro bonus available? • VIP LOUNGE: Meet us! HEADINGS Eye-catcher: This is how the world parks • Motorsport: Opel e-Rally Cup • Extra tour: Renault Avantime and Dacia Lodgy.

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