AUTO BILD ALLRAD 7/2022: Issue preview

Cars are for driving! Of course, that applies to everyone, but the nimbus of free travel sticks to the 4×4 vehicle in particular. But reality looks different. On average, a car in Germany is moved for one hour a day; He stands for 23 hours. And parking is the biggest challenge. Many cities have taken it upon themselves to reduce parking space and make driving into the city unattractive in this way. And once you’ve finally found a parking space, it’s not uncommon for the German official mold to come trotting along. I felt the same way in Hamburg recently. I got hold of a free space in a parking ticket zone and I was happy that e-cars didn’t have to take a ticket. But you need a parking disc. It wasn’t in my car, but willing to tell my arrival time, I wrote down “18.50” on a piece of paper. In good faith, that’s enough. If it doesn’t, I had to learn 15 minutes later and 20 euros poorer. Because: The parking disc is an official traffic sign. It must be 10 centimeters wide, 15 high and blue. Everything else does not apply, with one exception: Electric parking discs are permitted if the start of parking is automatically set when the engine is switched off, the time is in 24-hour format, the numbers are at least two centimeters high, “Arrival time” is above the display and the parking traffic sign 314 is shown.

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Also important, for both electric and manual parking discs: The arrival time MUST be set to the nearest half or full hour. Otherwise there is a risk of a fine of up to 30 euros. On the other hand, you could park for 61 to 120 minutes without a parking disc…

Michael Gebhardt, Editor-in-Chief

You will find these topics in the new issue: new hits Range Rover Sport, Series 3: With air suspension and as an extra all-wheel steering • VW Amarok 2: We’ve already sat inside – how independent is it? • Brabus Crawler: adventurous and the first Brabus with its own chassis • Rolls-Royce Cullinan delta4x4: adventurer version with beadlock rims • Lexus RZ 450e: electric all-wheel drive with a square steering wheel • Mazda CX-60: first ride in the new large hybrid SUV Japanese • Alfa Romeo Tonale: Italo version of the Jeep Renegade/Compass • Bentley Bentayga S: sports version with jagged chassis • VW ID.5 GTX: hatchback version of the Stromer ID.4, available with all-wheel drive • Kia Sportage plug-in Hybrid: With 60 km electric range, still eligible • Genesis GV60: More than 1400 km in the electric prototype with mini charging time testing & technology Comparative test: With naturally aspirated petrol – Subaru Forester against Mazda CX-5 • Supertest: Plug-in hybrid in the Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e • Comparative test: SUV with lots of space and little thirst from Kia, Skoda, Renault • Endurance test balance: 100,000 km in the remarkably economical Volvo XC60 • Towing vehicle test: Long VW Tiguan Allspace 2.0 TDI with 200 hp • Used car Lada Niva report Four-wheel drive car of the year: Here are your winners, and this is how it went at the awards service Refueling in a climate-friendly manner: tips for a more sustainable choice of fuel • Outdoor: The best apps for when the sat nav doesn’t know what to do

The new AUTO BILD ALLRAD 7/2022 — now in stores!

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