AUTO BILD and Euromaster: We pay your bill

Alexandra Kühne, the brake discs on the front axle of your relatively young Dacia Logan are off, the pads and discs are completely worn out. The inspection is also pending. In order not to lose the warranty claim, maintenance must be carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions. And the car also has to go to the main inspection. A lot to do! And that’s not all: for Kühne, this all comes at a really bad time.

Euromaster and AUTO BILD help in times of need

The single parent from Leverkusen is ill. Only minimally insured, the self-employed person currently receives 900 euros in sick pay per month. Not enough to keep the two children and the family dog ​​afloat. Rent, insurance, running costs such as bus tickets for the kids add up to more than 800 euros. The mother of two estimates the repair costs for her Dacia including inspection and TÜV fees at 515 euros. A sum that she unfortunately does not have left. In her automotive emergency, Alexandra Kühne turns to Euromaster and AUTO BILD.

Irfrat Gezer from Euromaster doesn’t take long to ask, repairs the Dacia and does the inspection that’s due according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After that, passing the main inspection is just a formality – in the end, the bill is 809.90 euros. And we’ll take care of that gladly together with Euromaster.

AUTO BILD and Euromaster: We pay your bill

Replaced parts: wipers, filters, brake pads and discs.

Brake: These components can be broken

disc brakes

Disc brakes are standard in most cars today, at least on the front axle. The brakes are subject to constant wear, which depends heavily on the driving style.

The actual brake pads (1) sit on the red carrier plates. They wear out slowly during operation and have to be replaced after reaching the wear limit (usually four millimeters). The brake disc (2) is made of steel, but it also gets thinner over time. This can be recognized by the formation of a burr on the outer edge. A minimum thickness is often stamped into the disk pot. The brake caliper (3) can jam, but it can usually be made moveable again. Leakages can occur at the brake piston (4).

AUTO BILD and Euromaster: We pay your bill

The second generation of the cheap station wagon was built from 2013 to 2020. Unfortunately, the Dacia has some weaknesses, and it also scores mediocre with three out of five stars in the crash test. And: There are many poorly maintained vehicles on the market. Used buyers should pay attention to a complete service booklet and a fresh HU. Prices for a used Dacia Logan with a new TÜV sticker start at 4500 euros.

How to apply

Is your car in need of urgent repairs, but the garage bill is beyond your budget? Then write to us! Tell us about your case and explain why AUTO BILD and Euromaster should help you. If your case is then selected, it goes directly to a Euromaster branch. Your car will be repaired there by experienced car mechatronics technicians. We assume the costs for all spare parts and the complete wages. Important: The “We pay your bill” campaign is about emergencies and hardship. We are happy to pay for the work necessary to get the car running again, but not for the installation of luxury extras, tuned wheels or cosmetic repairs. Thank you for your understanding.

We need that from you

● An accurate description of the case. Explain to us why we should undertake the repair.
● A cost estimate so we know roughly what needs to be done and how much the repair will cost.
● Your full address and a telephone number where we can reach you during the day.
Send everything by e-mail to
● or by letter to
Password: invoice mailbox 39 10
20350 Hamburg

With a bit of luck, your case will be selected and we will take over the repair of your car.

Apply by email

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