Auto expert Munro on the new Tesla Model 3: “Drives like a BMW – only faster”

The first comments of the former Ford manager and today’s industry consultant Sandy Munro about the Model 3 from Tesla were very negative – but the deeper he looked at it, the more he became impressed with it, and even more so with Model Y later. Munro still has a lot to complain about in terms of production quality, but overall it leaves no doubt that he is enthusiastic about Tesla’s electric cars and plans. He is currently working on a Model 3 in the version that has been refreshed since October 2020. In the second video in the series, he shows in an entertaining way what Tesla is doing better now and what is still not right – and also drops the ultimate swipe at BMW.

Second Tesla Model 3 at Munro

Munro had ordered his first Tesla Model 3 on behalf of Audi, as he later revealed – but the German car manufacturer then got an early copy on other channels and was no longer interested in his. He bought a red Model Y himself in spring 2020 and dismantled it in a YouTube series. The production expert does not get any money from Tesla for this, he said after suspicions in August – in addition to the free videos, there are expensive reports from his company Munro & Associates with details on his findings.

Now it’s a Model 3 again. It got a facelift in October 2020, and Munro is looking at what has changed since launch. His first impression last week was mixed: From the outside, he noticed the better paintwork, but he expressed displeasure and incomprehension about crooked sheet metal and protruding taillights – surprisingly only on the right side.

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In the third part of the new Tesla series published on YouTube on Friday, Munro seems to be in a particularly good mood, because he is gossiping vigorously. First of all, his mockery hits Tesla himself, even with the title, which says “Sandy learns how to close the Frunk”. Because that is actually remarkably difficult. According to the manual for the Model 3, you should proceed “gently”, but then the hood is always a bit high. A younger employee shows Munro that it actually takes a lot of strength. “First gently, then brutally,” he concludes after his first successful attempt, but puzzles over how a light and small person could do it.

“Drives like a BMW – only faster”

That takes up about half of the video, which is actually dedicated to a first driving test. This follows – and is completely to the satisfaction of Munro. The road at his workshop is not in very good condition, he reports while driving the new Model 3. Even in luxury cars, things are occasionally a bit bumpy, says Munro, but he has no such complaints with the Tesla. The double panes at the front introduced with the refreshment have also made the interior significantly quieter.

On a freeway, Munro accelerates to what he claims to be 100 miles per hour (which he immediately corrects to 60 miles per hour). Like every Tesla that he has ever driven, it is extremely fast, he says, and he likes it very much. His conclusion, whose provocative potential among fans of the German brand, he should be well aware: The new Tesla Model 3 drives “like a BMW – only faster”.


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