“Autonomy software is ripe”: Tesla boss wants to expand beta test, invites you to participate

Some Tesla owners have been besieging CEO Elon Musk on Twitter since the start of the limited beta test for the latest version of the autonomy software FSD (Full Self-Driving) in October 2020 and use every appearance he makes there to get into the inclusion in ask the test program. Now they really get a chance, because the Tesla boss announced a significant expansion of the beta test – and invited people to apply for it.

Tesla test with 20,000 participants?

With the new version 8.2 of the FSD software, the scope of the beta program will be doubled, wrote Musk on Twitter on Friday, and if 8.3 comes soon, it will even increase tenfold. At the end of January, he put the number of current participants at almost 1,000. With version 8.3, which, according to him, will appear “probably” in two to three weeks, that would mean 20,000 beta testers.

“If you want the Tesla Beta for Full Self-Driving to be loaded onto your car, please let us know,” Musk said in his message from Friday. He did not give any details on how to make contact. Several of his followers asked for it, others immediately applied on Twitter and in some cases set their complete vehicle identification number.


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Among them were Tesla owners from Europe. Musk didn’t say anything about this at first, but for the time being it can be assumed that they will remain outside the box. The previous beta test is only running in the USA, and the Tesla boss has not said anything about a geographical expansion. In Europe in particular, there is also the problem that the current functions of the autopilot system are already restricted there for regulatory reasons.

1000 improvements with the new FSD version

Nevertheless, it seems to be at least technically advanced with FSD. The software is gradually “mature”, wrote Musk on Friday, but testers should continue to be careful with it. The upcoming version 8.3 will literally contain around 1000 improvements compared to 8.2, which will require extensive internal quality assurance in probably two to three weeks before it is released for testing. A few days ago the Tesla boss had the second quarter as an approximately correct estimate for the general publication of FSD – but this should also only apply to the USA for the time being.


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