Autopilot is hungry: fast food chain uses Tesla video to advertise drivers of “intelligent cars”

Unlike other car companies, Tesla continues to consistently avoid spending on classic advertising, but does use social media intensively to keep up the conversation – fans who demonstrate new Tesla functions and display pictures of their electric cars also do a lot on their own initiative or spread Twitter messages from CEO Elon Musk. And the fast Internet chain Burger is now using the fast food chain Burger in an interesting campaign with a Model 3 and current allusions to the autopilot system.

Video in the style of Tesla fans

It started with a video that Burger King published on platforms such as YouTube and Twitter. It is in the style of many private contributions to Tesla on social media: the film is filmed on the Model 3 screen onto the road from the perspective of the driver, whose voice comments on the action. “There is a Burger King sign right there behind the hill,” says the driver’s voice, and it is actually dimly visible at some distance. The Tesla Model 3 also recognizes something at this moment: “Stopping at 300 ft for traffic control” can be seen on its screen, next to a stop sign symbol.

So the autopilot obviously made a mistake. In fact, there were already a lot of videos and pictures of real Tesla drivers that showed, for example, that the system considered a Mercedes to be a trash can. This gives the story in the video a certain authenticity for Tesla customers. However, some noticed the steering wheel, the upper third of which is missing – possibly for better shots.

In addition, the video is up-to-date: Tesla introduced the autopilot detection of red traffic lights and stop signs with reactions to them only this spring, initially only in the USA. And Tesla’s AI chief Andrew Karpathy said that even there it is extremely difficult to correctly recognize all different stop signs with a variety of additional information.

Burger against Tesla pictures

With mix-ups of stop and burger signs, however, Tesla’s autopilot has so far not attracted any attention. And Burger King also points out very small that the content in the video is assembled. “The map shown does not correspond to the actual map in the vehicle,” appears at the beginning, and “map” should also include the autopilot displays.

According to the video, the Tesla Model 3 didn’t confuse anything anyway, but guessed a secret wish of its driver: “Artificial intelligence knows what you absolutely want” is shown towards the end, after it was previously said that intelligent cars were “intelligent.” enough to stop for a whopper ”. At the very end there is an offer to other hungry people: drive to a branch with your own “intelligent car”, take a picture of it, publish it and get a free whopper for it.


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