Avicii’s father candid about his son: “We miss him terribly”

Avicii has touched a lot of people during his 28-year life. He did that on the one hand with his music, but on the other hand with his beautiful personality. His parents founded an organization after his death, which is mainly concerned with the prevention of suicide. And now Klas Bergling, Avicii’s father, looks back on the first working year of The Tim Bergling Foundation.

It is now just over two years ago that Avicii died. Swedish DJ Tim Bergling has struggled with health problems and addictions for years, and took his own life in 2018. After his death, his parents founded an organization dedicated to the prevention of suicide, The Tim Bergling Foundation.

“He didn’t like injustice”

That organization has been committed for a year now, and Avicii’s father, Klas Bergling, has spoken to Billboard about that. The Tim Bergling Foundation is mainly concerned with suicide prevention, but fills in the gaps in its agenda with global warming and endangered species projects.

And that is exactly what Avicii would have wanted, we can deduce from the words of Klas Bergling. “He was very direct, very honest,” said Klas Bergling about his son. “He was funny, in a very subtle way. Tim was passionate about nature, animals and justice. He didn’t like injustice… We miss him terribly. ”

“We miss that, really”

The Tim Bergling Foundation has assisted two mental health organizations in the past year to build a suicide helpline. “We have enormous confidence in the organizations we work with,” said Father Bergling. “They have experts, and those experts guide us.”

“What we’re focusing on here is helping two organizations build a helpline that is available 24/7, 365 days a year, because it doesn’t exist here in Sweden. And that’s very strange. I don’t want to criticize the Swedish government, but we really miss that, ”Avicii’s father said during the interview.

Children, adolescents and young adults

Klas Bergling also emphasized the importance of preventive actions against suicide. “It goes without saying that preventive actions are the most efficient actions, but it is still the actions that are taken least. That’s the way it is, unfortunately. ”

The two organizations that The Tim Bergling Foundation is now working with are Bris and Mind. These organizations focus respectively on children, and young people and young adults. And that is also the case with the organization of the Berglings.

The organization, which was founded after Avicii’s death, also gives lectures in schools on alcohol and drug use. “I attended some of those lectures, and the young people are very involved,” it said. “The response from all the young people there was enormous.”

“Tim saved my life”

Father Bergling also remembered his son during the interview, and what his death ultimately meant. “In the time after his death, we have had great comments. Nobody had anything negative to say. We started a website where fans could communicate their feelings. ”

“I would say that it is a very solid and positive atmosphere around Tim and what he stood for,” said Klas Bergling. “We even got letters from a fan who wrote” Tim saved my life “… I really hope the help lines can help suicides disappear, and people who think about suicide can change their minds.”

Anyone with questions about suicides or in need of a conversation can go to the Suicide Line via toll-free number 1813 or at


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