AVM Fritz Dect 302: Radiator thermostat expensive & difficult to deliver – alternatives

With Fritz Dect 302, AVM offers a smart radiator thermostat. An overview of its functions. Update: Delivery bottlenecks, high prices and alternatives.

Fritz Dect 302 is the current smart radiator thermostat from AVM. Just like the predecessor Fritz Dect 301, the Fritz Dect 302, which was presented at the end of February 2022, also has an energy-saving e-paper display and connects to the Fritzbox via the DECT ULE wireless standard. The Fritz Dect 302 costs from around 80 euros.

Update 9/20/2022:

The Fritz Dect 302 is currently not available from many providers or only available with a delay. If the heating thermostat is available, then often at exorbitant prices. So compare the prices carefully and strike immediately as soon as you have found a provider who can deliver the Fritz Dect 302 at a price that you think is fair.

Saving tip:

A slightly cheaper alternative to the Fritz Dect 302 could be the

Eurotronic Comet Wifi 2021

be, which is available at prices from around 80 euros. Please note, however, that this is not the official smart radiator thermostat from AVM.

update end

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AVM Fritz Dect 302 in price comparison

Short description: Fritz Dect 302

Fritz Dect 302 offers all the functions of its predecessor Fritz Dect 301 and, like it, can be operated using a radio button, smartphone, tablet, laptop or Fritzfon, as well as directly on the device. However, AVM has designed the housing and in particular the controls on the thermostat differently. They now look fresher, clearer and more intuitive to use. Fritz Dect 302 has a menu button and four function buttons around the e-paper display. A chip that has been renewed compared to the predecessor Fritz Dect 301 should ensure a long battery life for several heating periods.

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You can also use the Fritz Dect 302 to display the currently set weekly schedule and the temperature profile on its e-paper display. The child lock, which is activated on the device with a key combination, prevents unintentional adjustments. Users are automatically informed via push service if the battery level is low or the connection is lost.

All data on the Fritz Dect 302

  • Automatically controls the room temperature

  • E-paper display can be rotated in 90-degree increments

  • Integrated in the home network using the DECT ULE radio standard

  • Setup via Fritzbox, control via Fritz app Smart Home, browser

  • Controllable on the go using the Myfritz service (FritzApp Smart Home, browser).

  • Open window detection, key lock, limescale protection function

  • Boost function for quick heating

  • Manual heating stop using frost protection function

  • Attachment to standard radiator valves

  • Push-mail function informs about the status of the wireless connection and battery level

  • Updateable for new functions

  • Three AA batteries included

  • Requirement: Fritzbox with DECT base

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