AVM: Laboratory update 7.39 released for many Fritzbox models

The Berlin router manufacturer AVM has released new laboratory versions for Fritzbox 7530, 7590, 7590 AX, 6690, 6591 and 6660 Cable.

The Fritzbox 7530, 7590 and 7590 AX as well as the boxes from the 6000 series: 6690, 6591 and 6660 Cable receive a current laboratory version of Fritz OS with the version number 7.39 from the manufacturer AVM. With the new update, some new functions have been added, many errors have been eliminated and some improvements have been made.

The new version can be imported by users who are already using laboratory versions. It’s sort of a beta of the upcoming update. This is why the new laboratory updates are usually followed shortly afterwards by the updates for all users. If you are still curious and want to try out a laboratory version, you can use this link to get started.

Here is an overview of the new features of the current laboratory version (excerpt):



  • NEW:

    IP block list for incoming packets

  • NEW:

    WireGuard VPN connection support (read more)

  • NEW:

    Direct connection to MyFRITZ!Net via USP (TR-369) for direct transmission of parameters – first display of the connection status, the connection parameters and implementation of updates on MyFRITZ!Net (only for FRITZ!OS versions in the FRITZ! Laboratory)


Mesh / Mesh Repeaters:

  • NEW:

    Improved dynamic smart repeating enables higher data throughput for end devices connected to the FRITZ!Repeater

  • NEW:

    The country and language settings of the FRITZ!Box (Mesh Master) are automatically transferred to the FRITZ!Repeater



  • NEW:

    Caller announcement for calls, alarm clock and appointments

  • NEW:

    Appointment calendar in FRITZ!Fon

Smart home:

  • NEW:

    Create and activate/deactivate routines (if-then link).

  • NEW:

    Extension of the template for radiator controllers with comfort and reduced temperature as well as frost protection and boost functions

  • NEW:

    Selection of an additional display with the temperature and humidity curve on the FRITZ!DECT 440

  • NEW:

    Set up and apply scenarios

  • NEW:

    Natural light sequences for groups and templates with FRITZ!DECT 500

  • NEW:

    Supplementing the templates with comfort functions (switch WLAN access, switch WLAN guest access, trigger a phone call, switch answering machine, send push mail, call up the URL)

  • NEW:

    Support of external window sensors for window open detection



The complete list of all changes and improvements would go beyond the scope here in addition to the innovations. The complete changelog can be found on the official AVM website here.

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