Away from the Renaulution, Dacia maintains its course

The Romanian manufacturer, a subsidiary of the diamond, remains on the sidelines of the “renaulution” plan. Sales of its low-cost range are doing well. As a result, the brand is content with natural developments such as a move upmarket, the use of a single platform and the arrival of the hybrid.

If Renault is making its revolution, Dacia is continuing its journey. The group’s new diamond strategy, unveiled on January 14, does not provide for any major change for its subsidiary specializing in cheap vehicles. The Romanian manufacturer is continuing to move upmarket while retaining its strengths as an economical brand with excellent value for money. This notably involves a new, more modern and refined logo, which we unveiled to you in preview. On a metallic background, the acronym “DC” seems surprisingly to evoke the abbreviation of direct current.

The grille of the future Dacia Bigster.

The Bigster as a future flagship

However, Dacia does not currently plan to convert its entire range to electric. In addition to the zero-emission Spring exception, a few models will offer a hybrid drive using E-Tech technology developed by Renault. To reduce its emissions, the brand will mainly continue to rely on factory-installed LPG, a much more economical solution to purchase.

Dacia will enter the C segment market by 2025 with its Bigster concept. The 4.60 m long 7-seater SUV will be available as a hybrid and will contrast radically with the Duster. It must replace the Lodgy minivan, which failed to meet sales targets. Its price should remain faithful to the identity of the brand since Renault promises to market it “At the price of a lower segment vehicle”.

The future Dacia Bigster, a 4.60 m long SUV.

Fewer platforms, more savings

The Bigster, like all future Dacias, will be built on the Alliance’s CMF-B platform. The latter is already operated by Logan and Sandero, Renault Clio and Captur, but also Nissan Juke and Note. The manufacturer will therefore go from 4 to 1 platform, thus reducing its design and manufacturing costs. Three new models will be launched in 2025, after the renewal of the Sandero and Logan and the arrival of the electric Spring in 2021.


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