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Babyteeth and Finkers comedy are best movies of 2020 | Entertainment

The Circle of Dutch Film Journalists (KNF) announced this on Monday. Babyteeth, the Australian director’s film debut Shannon Murphy, is a bittersweet film about the love between a seriously ill girl (Eliza Scanlen) and a rebellious boy (Toby Wallace). The film was a real audience hit at the Rotterdam Film Festival in early 2020. Babyteeth can still be seen online at and at Pathé Thuis.

The critically acclaimed and Oscar-winning war drama ended in second place 1917 from director Sam Mendes. The 1917 film, with roles for Colin Firth and Benedict Cumberbatch, tells of two British soldiers racing against time to deliver a message to a regiment in danger of being ambushed by the Germans. 1917 attracted more than a million visitors in Dutch cinemas earlier this year and can currently be seen via Pathé Thuis.

Bickering couple

The best Dutch film of 2020, according to the film press, is De legs van Sint-Hildegard by director Johan Nijenhuis, with Herman Finkers and Johanna ter Steege as a bickering couple. Despite the cinema closings, the film attracted more than 700,000 moviegoers this year. This film can now also be seen on a number of streaming platforms.

Other titles highly valued by KNF members were the Russian one Beanpole, Terrence Malicks A Hidden Life and turned it in black and white The Lighthouse with Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe. It was with the Dutch films Come here that I kiss you and Buladó most cited after Snt-Hildegard.

It is now the 18th year in a row that the Dutch film press holds the Film of the Year election. The past few years dragged on Parasite (2019), Call me by your name (2018), Moonlight (2017) and La La Land and Toni Erdmann (2016) holds the title. 59 journalists from numerous daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines and websites took part in the vote.


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