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What seems? Opinions differ. From a very definite no, such as Tineke Duivenbode (“Holiday is what you want to do without stress, so we are waiting for a vaccine”) and Corinne Sedgers (“My mother has been deadly sick, let others play guinea pig!”) “If possible, I would go tomorrow!” van Tineke Dreese and Wil Cornelissen: “I can’t wait. I even look forward to hearing the planes fly over from my garden in Aalsmeer! ” Heather Treffers offers a solution for doubters: one of a kind green card based on antibodies in the blood, which allow you to fly between countries where there are the same risks and measures. And that in addition to mandatory mouth masks and temperature measurement.

Jan van Werd deserves a special mention. He will not fly for a lifetime. “The very best that a person can do for nature. In 1963 I was the only one to fly to New York for redemption on a seagoing vessel, the Dutch Master. Never again after that. ”

Beautiful. Being satisfied with the time or times you have flown is also an idea.


Perhaps it is easier for young people to think about it, but for us over 70s, flying will stop for the time being and we will have to wait for a vaccine. Nothing has been proven flawlessly and to run the risk of being refused a return flight and having to wait days or weeks elsewhere is not exactly a nice extension of your holiday.

Piet Huisman

Soon again

I normally fly every two weeks to my partner who lives and works in France. At the moment it is impossible to see each other, so as soon as I can, I go again, with the same frequency.

I adhere to the imposed measures and may wash my hands a little more. But I’ll go!

Wanda Veenstra


Flying in itself may very well be safe, but what about the country you are going to?

You never know which contamination you are taking back and then many Dutch people are the victims because you had to go on holiday if necessary. Use your brain. Is it now so difficult not to go on holiday abroad for a year?

Gerrit de Pijper

Home vacation

Let’s just be patient and stay in our own environment,

or at least in your own country. Tourism has probably been the biggest blow to its existence, we can partly solve this ourselves by keeping money in our own economy. Moreover, you will be home soon, should it unexpectedly go wrong again.

Arjan Maljaars

300 men

If everyone wears a face mask and nobody touches each other, we can just board another 300 people. For example, there is no corona on Bonaire, so an ideal sun destination and always good weather. We are going again as soon as possible!

Jan Huizing


Flying wasn’t so much fun anyway, but now it’s going to be a total disaster. I will take the car in the coming years. Then a little less far away.

Marianne Centen


A clear no for us. The risk of a second wave, with all its consequences for our healthcare staff, the economy and people themselves, is of course too high.

This year we will stay beautiful in the Netherlands in a house. Good for our own economy.

Pauline van Esch

I love to travel, preferably as often as possible. For example, I have been to 60 countries, usually several times. In recent years I traveled business class, more space, better food and so on. Now I wonder if, if the middle seats are left empty, paying 3 or 4 times as much is worth it.

The virus does not scare me from flying, I also like it when fewer people fly. But I can’t wait until I get back!

Errol R. Cordie


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