Back to the future: the new Tesla Roadster should come again with many special colors

With its production, the electric car pioneer Tesla is almost moving in the direction of the car pioneer Ford: Its Model T, the first automobile in the world to be produced on an assembly line, was available in any color from 1908, according to a famous saying by the founder Henry Ford it was black. And Tesla is also increasingly limiting the complexity of its production and logistics with a limited choice of colors. With the new Tesla Roadster super sports car, however, the company wants to go back to its colorful past, as CEO Elon Musk has now announced.

Lotus colors for the first Tesla Roadster

The number of colors that can be selected has shrunk at Tesla almost in sync with the expansion of its range of electric cars. Even for the premium models Model S and Model X, there are currently only four alternatives to the standard white color. When the Model S was produced from mid-2012, however, it could initially still be ordered in various special colors. And for the first roadster, Tesla took over the many colors from its chassis supplier Lotus Elise, but gave them different names.

One of the special roadster colors was described as “very orange” – five copies of the first Tesla model with this rare paintwork could be seen simultaneously in front of a specialized workshop this June. Alternatively, there was the original roadster in twelve other colors with interesting names such as Electric Blue or Brilliant Yellow Metallic. Obsidian Black was also offered for Model S and Model X for a while, now the only black option for them is Solid Black.

According to CEO Musk, the Gigafactory in Germany should already enable new, “breathtaking” Tesla paints, and he has now announced something similar for the new roadster: “We will have special colors for the roadster, like the original,” he replied on Thursday on a Twitter request about his favorite. New color requests then alternated with requests for new Tesla functions. One user colored the new roadster, previously only shown in red, gray and white, in different tones, including a striking green.

From when the electric racer presented at the end of 2017 will be available remains open. CEO Musk has described it as a dessert that will only have its turn after the main courses Cybertruck and Tesla Semi. Their appearance is not expected before the end of 2021. The Roadster can currently be pre-ordered from Tesla on the web, but not yet configured, and it is only shown in red.


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