Bad mood in the tuning scene

These reactions stunned me. A small hot rod wins the final of the German Hot Wheels Legends Tour, and the tuning community reacts online with ridicule and misunderstanding. The same at the Tuning Trophy Germany, where I was also on the jury: no applause for the winner, only grumbling and hatred on the internet, questioning of the evaluation. Isn’t it precisely the tuning scene that repeatedly advertises respect for one another? “Everything is allowed” is demanded by many, but apparently few do it when they live. Demanding an understanding from society that tuners and posers are not lumped together, requires setting a good example, being self-understanding, differentiating. I see myself as a small part of the tuning scene, I like conversions from the 90s, I also like to work on my car – but I don’t dare to speak out loud because I’m worried that I won’t be accepted. But that’s not my problem, it’s a problem for the scene. And unfortunately the problem becomes clear again in the face of such comments. Hopefully only the usual black sheep will make the impression.

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