Bad news show at pressco | Cashing in with vaccines | And French sanctions for Britons

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Here we go again. A new press conference about the corona crisis, then you actually know enough. Restrictions coming. A few of the options: 1,5 meters back, working from home and expanding the QR society.

For pharmaceutical company Pfizer, the suffering has been alleviated considerably. Those people are probably also affected by corona measures, but it is a bit more bearable if you earn 28 billion euros with it. Or even more? Today the figures for the third quarter.

Purse, purse in my hand, who is the richest in the land? The bank account fetishists of Quote were already talking about who can call themselves the richest in the Netherlands for the 25th time. Today the Quote 500 is back in the shops.

France is likely to introduce sanctions against the UK today. The two countries are embroiled in a heated dispute over fishermen. The French want more French boats to be allowed to fish in British waters, the British already consider themselves very generous and have no intention of doing so.

The climate summit is in full swing in Glasgow. Most of the attention is focused on the Joe Bidens and Mark Ruttes of this world, but there are many more people than just government leaders. We spoke to four Dutch people about what they should look for in Scotland.

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