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Bah, on TikTok you can see how incredibly dirty your smartphone is

In 2020 we will pay more attention to hygiene than ever before due to corona, it seems. But do you actually know how dirty your smartphone is?

We wash our hands ‘piece’ (free after Prime Minister Mark Rutte) and we always carry a bottle of hand gel in our pocket or disinfect it with things from a company or shop. You may also have heard that it is important to regularly disinfect your smartphone.

How dirty is that smartphone?

But you might not want to know how dirty your smartphone really is … Then you should stop reading and watching now ?

We use our phones all day, both indoors and outdoors. We also put it in our trouser pocket, jacket pocket and handbag and often put it down carelessly. So it’s not really surprising that that much-used thing gets really dirty. But how dirty is dirty?


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Earwax and dead skin

Recently, it can be seen loud and clear on TikTok. Films are placed on it by the Irish Phonefixcraft, a company that repairs smartphones. In videos, the company shows how they thoroughly clean a smartphone and how much dirt comes out of such a device. And that is much more than you might think. The buttons, the microphone, the loudspeaker, the charging port… They all turn out to be collecting points of dirt.


Samsung galaxy s7 edge #cleaning at #phonefixcraft #dublin #ireland

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Even worse are the ears. Dead skin, clothing fibers, ear wax: it is just part of the dirt that the repairers conjured up. People with a strong stomach and a love of brushing will probably find the videos very interesting, but others should not watch.


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Bah, on TikTok you can see how incredibly dirty your smartphone is


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