Bahncard loses important function: you need to know that

Many owners of a Bahncard have to adjust to the loss of an important function. It’s all about this.

Deutsche Bahn and Commerzbank are ending their cooperation “by mutual consent,” as Deutsche Bahn writes. As a result, many Bahncards will lose their credit card function. Of course, this only affects those Bahncards that were actually issued as a credit card. Nothing will change for all other Bahncards without a credit card function. Points collected through the use of the credit card function should not expire until December 31, 2024.

The Bahn writes: “In September 2022, all Bahncard credit cards and Bahnbonus credit cards will be canceled by Commerzbank. Existing customers will be informed personally about how to proceed.” You can no longer order a new BahnCard with a credit card function. Deutsche Bahn implemented the credit card function of the Bahncard as part of a partner offer from Commerzbank.

How many Bahncard customers are affected is unknown, as reported by the financial scene. Deutsche Bahn is currently not looking for a successor for Commerzbank, as the company did via Twitter


According to Hessenschau, the termination of the cooperation is based on Commerzbank. This not only ended the cooperation with Bahn AG, but also with TUI.

In 2021 it became known that Amazon and ADAC credit cards would become invalid. Amazon and the ADAC implemented these credit cards in cooperation with the Landesbank Berlin (LBB). You can read more about this in this message: ADAC promises a smooth transition – Amazon remains silent.

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