Balconies, the Baltic Sea and camping: Holidays in the Corona crisis

vacation in Germany

According to a survey by the consumer forum “Mydealz”, one in four wants to go on vacation within the Federal Republic this year. “Travel within Germany is of particular importance this year,” says a spokeswoman for the “Airbnb” platform.

A third of the people spend their holidays in Germany anyway, says Jürgen Schmude, Professor of Tourism Economics at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich and President of the German Society for Tourism Science. The German tourism landscape also has something to offer the other two thirds of people who travel abroad on average: “We have coasts, low mountain ranges, alpine tourism.” -Travel to the Canary Islands, he doesn’t think so. According to various estimates, 20 to 35 percent of people even gave up their vacation this year, says Schmude. Reasons for this include concerns about security or an uncertain professional future.

A survey of Airbnb users found that 39 percent of vacationers want to travel within Germany after the pandemic, according to company information. 61 percent of those surveyed stated that they wanted to spend the first trip within Europe.



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