Bali was my dream destination – but I wish I hadn’t gone

Meagan Drillinger for NewsABC.nets

As a child, I had a wall-sized map of the world in my room that I stared at regularly. I fantasized about the most remote places on our planet.

When I first discovered Bali on the map, I pointed to it and said, “There. If I go there, I’ll know I’ve made it. “

That was at least 20 years ago.

In my mind, Bali was a remote paradise, criss-crossed by jungle and fog and surrounded by the sparkling Indian Ocean. As I got older, that fantasy continued to solidify – and that was largely thanks to Instagram. My feed was full of pictures of vast landscapes, empty coastlines, and beautiful temples.

Meagan Drillinger for NewsABC.nets

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Okay, let’s be realistic. Anything that arouses that kind of expectation is under great pressure. With my enormous expectations, I probably doomed Bali from the start.

But the Bali that I found was far from the Bali of my dreams. Here I show you why:

I’ve wanted to go to Bali all my life – now I’ve been there and wish I hadn’t gone

This text was translated from English by Franziska Heck.

This article was published by in January 2020. It has now been reviewed and updated.


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