Bandai Namco introduces Orwin Granberg from Tales of Crestoria

Bandai Namco is already providing us with the next character trailer for the mobile RPG Tales of Crestoria in front. Today it’s about the listless Orwin Granberg. Main character Kanata Hjuger is the village leader’s only son, but the JRPG clichés don’t stop there. Of course Misella is the childhood friend who would do anything for Kanata. And she is an orphan.

When the two have to flee, they soon meet the terrifying Vicious, who is feared and despised by the world. But Aegis Alver stands in their way. Yuna Azetta, on the other hand, helps with useful information. How Orwin now fits into this group is not immediately clear.

Orwin Granberg is an easy-going and tired-looking man who looks listless and does little to society. Still, he has a wife, Niina, and a ten-year-old daughter, Aura. However, the family largely lives from his wife’s income.

Branded to criminals

Tales of Crestoria takes place in a world in which people are obliged to wear so-called “vision orbs” in order to judge criminals through prayers. The protagonist, Kanata, is the son of a monk who runs a village. He is secretly in love with Misella, an orphan girl who lives in the monastery.

On a fateful night, Kanata will commit a serious crime to save that girl from tragedy. To protect Kanata, Misella also gets involved in the crime. Caused by the event, people in the Vision Orb wished to punish the two, making them criminals and fleeing the Enforcers.

Explore the world, look forward to numerous side tasks and familiar faces from the Tales of series and of course the series-typical skits. In June, Tales of Crestoria for iOS and Android devices is to be released worldwide at the same time.

via Gematsu, images: Tales of Crestoria, Bandai Namco


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