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Barack Obama gives Drake permission to play him in future biopic

There is a chance that rapper Drake will portray former US president Barack Obama in a possible film about his life. There is currently no such film, but Obama has given Drake his permission to take the part. “It seems like Drake can do anything he wants,” Obama said.

Should there ever be a biopic about former US President Barack Obama, he would be delighted to see Drake playing him. He said this during an interview with Complex about his new book, A Promised Land.

Several people have tried

There is a good chance that there will ever be a film about Obama’s life. He was the first black president of the United States and remained hugely popular in the US and far beyond even after his presidency. But Barack Obama himself has not yet thought about a movie.

During the interview, Obama was asked which actor should play him. He didn’t really have an answer to that. He did say that he has already seen several people have tried that, but that he does not care too much about it.

Image vs. real person

“Okay, I speak in a rather outspoken way, and people always exaggerate when they play me,” said Barack Obama. “They know how to emphasize that. It’s actually interesting, and I describe that in my book. Much of the weird thing about being a public figure is that there is a certain image of you. Especially if you are or were a president. ”

“That’s an image of you, and next to that you stand. Those are two things that don’t completely match. And I’ve found that it’s best for me not to care too much about what I look like in that fictional life. Because I have a real life, with real responsibility and a real family that I have to take care of. ”

Consent family

“I’ll put it this way: it looks like Drake can do whatever he wants. I mean he is very talented brother and so when the time is right and he likes it… You know what? Drake would also get my family’s permission, and that’s probably even more important. I’m sure Malia and Sasha would be more than okay with that. ”


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