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‘Barely’ $ 50,000 a month: Robert De Niro forced to cut ex-wife’s credit card limit in half due to corona crisis

Also for The Irishman– actor Robert De Niro, these are gloomy times. The 76-year-old New Yorker says it is financially difficult. That’s why he was forced to limit his ex-wife Grace Hightower’s credit card limit. He took De Niro (digitally) to court and the dispute was fought in a Skype conversation.

Hightower’s lawyers find it completely unjustified that De Niro now gives his ex-wife “only” $ 50,000 (about 44,300 euros) to spend instead of $ 100,000 (about 88,625 euros) per month. In addition, Grace and the two children who had a move with DeNiro cannot stay in their home in upstate New York, because De Niro is now there because of the corona crisis.

“Not much more”

EPA: De Niro and Hightower in better times

De Niro’s law team has a good explanation for his “sparing” behavior. For example, the Nobu restaurants and the Greenwich hotel, of which the Oscar winner is a shareholder, have suffered heavy losses from the pandemic in recent months. They claim that De Niro has lost several million dollars, so he could not help but halve his ex’s credit card limit.

According to his lawyers, De Niro has “not so much anymore”. “The money he earned with The Irishman has already been paid out, so he should be happy if he can add $ 2.5 million this year and next year, ”they say to the International Business Times newspaper.

Hightower’s legal team thinks that is nonsense: “A man whose wealth is estimated at $ 500 million and who gets an additional $ 30 million annually could suddenly give only $ 50,000 a month in credit?”

Intermediate solution

Since the former couple’s lawyers were unable to reach a compromise, the judge imposed an interim solution on them. The Niro is allowed to make “only” $ 50,000 available to Hightower every month. However, the star actor must pay his ex-wife a one-time sum of $ 75,000 (about 66,500 euros) so that she can find a summer house to stay with the children.


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