Bargain: Lease a Fiat 500e for less than 100 euros

The Fiat 500e is the ideal city car – it already showed that in the AUTO BILD test. It is small and manoeuvrable, and as an e-car it is locally emission-free. But the list price is included 26,790 euros gross So the small electric car is not a bargain. The offered Fiat 500e has an engine with 70 kW, the range is up to 190 kilometers. With the larger engine (87 kW) it is up to 320 kilometers. A leasing contract is a good alternative to buying. Four months Interested parties currently have to wait for the new car.
At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD), private customers can currently rent the Fiat 500e for only 99 euros gross lease per month. As is usual with most electric car leasing deals, a one-time special payment of 6,000 euros is due. However, this amount will be reimbursed in full after correct and timely application for the environmental bonus via the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). The contract has a term of 24 months and 10,000 kilometers per year. Other kilometer packages or contract terms can be requested. In addition, there is a one-time gross fee of 990 euros for the transfer, so that the Total leasing costs to 3366 euros gross (99 euros times 24 plus 990 euros) excluding environmental bonus.

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Vattenfall Wallbox

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The exclusive charging package in the AUTO BILD edition: Charge Amps Halo™ for 299 euros instead of 1189 euros RRP.

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Free choice when equipping the Fiat 500e

Not driven a single kilometer and freely configurable: leasing customers can put the equipment together themselves. For example, a digital instrument display with a seven-inch driver’s display, smart audio including a smartphone holder and traffic sign recognition are already integrated in the standard equipment. The Fiat 500e comes in the color “Onyx Black”. According to, the offer may no longer be available at short notice due to high demand. An overview of all interesting leasing deals can be found here!

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