Barilla runs pasta trains from Italy to Germany

Alessia Pierdomenico / Bloomberg

Even during the first wave of the coronavirus, noodles turned out to be one of the Germans’ favorite stock products. For a while, customers regularly came across empty pasta shelves in supermarkets. According to various consumer research institutes, pasta sales roughly correspond to the trend curve of the pandemic.

The Italian pasta manufacturer Barilla initiated “pasta trains” between Parma and Ulm in March, which ran twice a week. Since the end of June, three loads have been arriving in Ulm every week. Now, due to the increasing number of infections, Barilla has announced that it will soon be running four trains, reports the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

Despite the pandemic, the plants in northern Italy are running at full speed. Never before have they produced so much pasta as during the lockdown, according to Barilla manager Bastian Diegel. Thus, the company is well equipped for everything that may come – also for possible new hamster purchases.

The pasta supply for the winter seems to be secured: Each of these trains consists of 16 wagons and transports 32 containers, each with 490 tons of pasta, 60 tons of sauces and 40 tons of pesto over the 560-kilometer route.

At the same time, the trains that replace the trucking companies mean that Barilla is saving transport costs and protecting the environment: According to estimates by the company, 6,000 tons less CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere.


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