Barry Atsma and Noortje Herlaar have become parents again

‘Last Monday, in the quiet hours of the early morning, our beautiful little girl Sam was born. Together with her three big sisters we endlessly enjoy her soft cries and searching eyes. We are delighted and incredibly grateful. What a miracle again. And I am incredibly proud of my dear Noortje. What power and what endless love, ‘Barry writes on Instagram.

The actors’ couple announced their pregnancy on the red carpet of the Golden Calf gala last October via RTL Boulevard. “I’m not alone on the red carpet,” said a radiant Noortje at the time.

The new parents met about five years ago on the set of the film Kneel on a bed of violins. The couple already had a daughter together in 2018: Bobbi. The Clampactor has two more daughters from a previous relationship: Zoë and Charley.

His ex-wife Izaira, with whom Barry was together for eighteen years, still plays an important part in his life. In Roel van Velzen’s podcast, the actor even told that Noortje and his ex are friends. About the divorce he said: “That picture of a family together, the dream we all have when you have children, you are going to destroy. I found that realization extremely intense, very sad.”

Noortje was still heavily pregnant in the second season of last season The Masked Singer.


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