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Barry Atsma stabbed in the leg during TV series

Actor Barry Atsma was stabbed in the leg with a knife during the filming of a German series. Atsma’s co-star did that while the two were filming a scene.

Atsma says on Instagram that he is doing well and that it is an accident. “While filming a violent scene, my dear and esteemed colleague accidentally stabbed my leg with a knife.”

The actor thinks it was because of his colleague’s adrenaline. Because of this, he really stabbed him in the leg, instead of a fake.

Due to the coronavirus, a medical team was present on the set of the series. This allowed Atsma to be treated directly on his leg.

The scene from the series Du sollst nicht l├╝gen would be about a rape after a date. Shooting had recently resumed, after the coronavirus previously threw a spanner in the works.

Atsma previously posted a photo on Instagram showing his outfit while recording. Including mask.

Fortunately, the ‘most wanted man in the Netherlands’ can still laugh at the incident. In his message on Instagram, he closes with the hashtag: #justanotherdayattheoffice.

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Actor Barry Atsma stabbed in the air during TV recordings


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