Bart De Wever (N-VA) offers variable majority against nuclear exit

Bart De Wever wants to prevent a nuclear exit from our country at all costs. That is why the N-VA chairman offers a variable majority with his party and PS, sp.a, CD&V and cdH. He said that in the Radio 1 program The morning.

According to the federal coalition agreement – after long discussions – the Vivaldi government wants a nuclear exit by 2025. The final decision on this should only be taken within a year. Yet Engie let Elactrabel weeks before they prepare for that nuclear exit. Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten (Groen) then announced that he was happy about this. “One of the largest operators in our country says they are taking note of the coalition agreement,” she said in Terzake.

However, according to Bart De Wever, most of the Vivaldi parties – socialists, greens and liberals and CD&V – are not in favor of nuclear power at all. In The morning he said they let themselves be persuaded by the greens.

Change majority

“We really have to avoid this. If it is said that we will go to the dirtiest electricity production after Poland with a huge price increase for consumers and companies, and on top of that the uncertainty there will be electricity. This is so disastrous that we must avoid it at all costs. I offer our votes without price ”, said De Wever.

With such a variable majority, the 24 seats of the N-VA would therefore form a majority with PS, sp.a, CD&V and cdH. “During the federal government negotiations with the bubble of 5, we discussed keeping the nuclear power plants open. Three seconds later, we had an agreement. It was the easiest negotiation I have ever had. ”, The N-VA chairman gives the reason for his proposal.


The chance that such a variable majority will really happen is very small. Not only is it very exceptional, but it usually causes the fall of the existing government. CD&V chairman Joachim Coens has already announced that he will not accept the proposal. He is sticking to the coalition agreement with an evaluation in November 2021.


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