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Bart wants to learn to control his nerves

The eleventh (!) Season of The voice of Holland is already in full swing and is watched well every week. New this year are The Voice of Holland Breakfast Sessions in which former winner Maan gives four talents a final push to further develop their singing talent. Maan gives tips to keep their nerves under control, move more smoothly or write your own songs.

Learn new things

These Breakfast Sessions take place, as the name says, in the early morning. Research has shown that we are the most productive and the best able to learn new things during the first hours of the day. Of course only after a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Keyboard lesson

Bart is one of the four participants. He is 39 years old and lives with his girlfriend and four-year-old daughter in Loon op Zand. He has been involved with music all his life and until corona broke out he could make a good living from it. It all started when he got a keyboard for his eighth birthday, he played every song he heard without any problems. Bart: “I took keyboard lessons, but I didn’t find reading notes that interesting. I preferred to play by ear. ” Bart bought new CDs as often as possible and liked to play with the music installation in his mother’s café in Waalwijk.

Rotate pictures

After high school he first followed a computer science and later a catering course. He then went to work in the hospitality industry, and he also played more and more records. After work during drinks or at parties. Bart: “Although I enjoyed working in the hospitality industry, I liked playing records the most.”

Talent show

Bart managed to turn his hobby into his job, he played at the most diverse parties and events and stood in front of halls of one hundred to ten thousand people. He was even named the most popular party DJ in the Netherlands three times! In 2019 Bart decided to sign up for a talent show in the Amsterdam pub Jantjes Birthday. Not as a DJ, but as a singer… “I sang along every now and then and I wanted to do something with it. I worked at Jantjes Birthday for a long time, so this seemed like a great place for such a talent show. ”

His participation was a great success: he won the talent show and the agency that made his DJ bookings wanted to fully commit to a singing career for Bart.

Jury fear

Bart only has one problem: as soon as he has to sing in front of a jury or something similar to it, he closes completely. Bart: “I once participated in Idols, but that audition went completely wrong. At such moments I completely freeze, and can’t get a word or note out of my throat anymore. ” To take the next step in his singing career, Bart would very much like to participate in The Voice of Holland. But yes, that jury… So when Bart Maan saw her call for the Breakfast Sessions, he didn’t hesitate for a moment.


Maan and her singing coach Tamar gave Bart the assignment to study three real audition songs and of course sing them for them. They also gave Bart various tools to deal with his nerves and to relax when necessary for a performance. Bart: “It all has to do with uncertainty, of course, so we started working on that too. The sessions have helped me a lot, but I also have a long way to go. So I hope to be able to perform again soon and to be able to make a lot of meters. ”

Curious how these sessions went? Watch Episode 4 of the Breakfast Sessions here:


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