Battlefield 2042: Some with less than 1000 players on Steam

Battlefield 2042 seems doomed to failure: On Steam, sometimes only fewer than 1000 gamers play the title at the same time.

EA’s newest offshoot of the Battlefield series wasn’t really well received by the fan base after the release and probably won’t be anymore. The number of players is steadily decreasing. Recently even so far that less than 1000 players are playing Battlefield 2042 at the same time on the Steam gaming platform, according to data from SteamDB.

Battlefield 2042, which was developed by Dice and was only released in November 2021, is the least popular part of the whole series. For comparison: The previous offshoot Battlefield V, which was released in June 2020, had a peak of 24,159 concurrent players at prime time on Saturday, Battlefield 2042 had a peak of 2490 players at the same time.

The future for Battlefield 2042 is anything but rosy

How Battlefield 2042 will continue remains unclear. Although the developers stated that they would like to add features that were missing at the start, such as voice communication and that map designs will be revised, it is still doubtful whether these measures can turn things around again.

When EA CEO Andrew Wilson acknowledged the game’s disappointing start in February, he blamed factors such as “our teams working from home for almost two years” and “unforeseen performance issues” that only surfaced when the game went live played on a large scale.

Meanwhile, fans are pissed: more than 230,000 players even signed a petition asking EA to give players an unconditional refund.

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