Battlefield 3 gets reality mod

In mid-July, fans are releasing the reality mod for “Battlefield 3” after a total of seven years of development.

For more than seven years, fans of the online multiplayer shooter “Battlefield” have been working on a reality mod. The project was inspired by the Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2 and adds more realistic gameplay mechanics in the style of the Arma games to Battlefield 3.

Realistic gameplay and artillery strikes

The reality mod for “Battlefield 3” required a total of seven years of development. 80 fans took part in it. The mod offers a complete overhaul of gameplay and user interface. The key here is teamwork and communication, which should enable a more tactical gaming experience. Among other things, the developers have optimized the movement speed of the players and changed the weapon handling. Artillery strikes and a new spawn system are also on board. Also new are battles with over 100 players and VOIP in the game.

Available for download July 17th

The Reality Mod is based on the VU Modding Framework, a modification of “Battlefield 3”. In addition to mods, the technical framework also enables private server hosting and a higher tick rate. In order to use the mod, players must own Battlefield 3 and all DLCs. The Reality Mod for Battlefield 3 will be available for download on July 17, 2022.

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