Bayonetta 3: Hideki Kamiya on the state of development in Famitsu

On December 8, 2017, Bayonetta 3 was announced at The Game Awards. So it’s the third anniversary of the announcement and since then we’ve known about the game: Exactly nothing. In the short developer interviews by Famitsu at the turn of the year, Hideki Kamiya, who put Bayonetta fans off again, had a say.

“First of all, many people are worried about Bayonetta 3 because no new information has been published since the announcement,” Kamiya reports. The verification of new systems (he probably means developer tools) went well and development is progressing well, the fans should please be patient. He put in brackets after his comment: “This is a copy of my comment for 2020.” Does not sound particularly promising for 2021.

Will we finally see more Bayonetta 3 in the new year? The year is long. So we are in good spirits. Maybe we’ll see more about Project G.G. – this title was only announced in February 2020. At Project G.G. it is the first game in the history of Platinum Games over which the studio has full control and at the same time acts as publisher. “It is progressing, please look forward to it,” says Kamiya in a nutshell.

Famitsu’s interviews at the end of the year

In the current issue, as every year, the Japanese Famitsu asks dozen developers about their wishes, expectations and hopes for the new year. One of them was Naoki Yoshida, who wants to surprise fans with Final Fantasy XVI in the new year. But also Yoshinori Kitase, who announces to us that the new world of Final Fantasy VII has only just found its beginning with the remake. And Katsura Hashino from Atlus has once again promised us that we will soon find out something about Project Re Fantasy. We learned from Final Fantasy inventor Hironobu Sakaguchi that his new game Fantasian will be released in the new year.

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