Be careful on Prime Day: These scams are looming

Prime Day is coming up. Caution: Fraudsters use bargain hunting to attack Amazon customers. How to protect yourself.

Amazon Prime Day is on July 12th and 13th – the first of two Prime Days that will probably be held for the first time in 2022. Exciting bargains then attract bargain hunters. But be careful: Cyber ​​gangsters also use bargain hunting for their fraudulent attacks. The Austrian security site Mimikama warns of this.

For example, the fraudsters send out phishing emails that pretend to come from Amazon customer service. The phishing emails lead to fake login pages that look deceptively real. The purpose of these fraud attempts is always the same: the gangsters want to get access to Amazon users’ access data. Credit card information in particular is in high demand.

As early as 2021, over 2,300 domains similar to the Amazon site were known. Of these, every second was classified as dangerous.

How to recognize genuine emails from Amazon

In order to distinguish phishing emails from real Amazon emails, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Genuine emails end with

  • The URLs of further links from the messages originating from Amazon always start with “”. Such URLs contain neither numbers nor special characters, but only dots as separators.

  • Correct German is written in Amazon mails, i.e. no clumsy formulations or spelling mistakes.

Amazon is very keen to be alerted to fraudulent websites masquerading as Amazon sites. So send phishing emails that pretend to be from Amazon to this special Amazon email address:

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