Beau doesn’t wake up from ‘business nightmare’

Still, the money leaves him cold, as long as his loved ones are healthy. “I have two asthmatic sons and parents who are over eighty years old, and I’m worried about them,” he says.

Although Beau is very successful with his own talk show, dark clouds hang over his own company. About this he says: “I have seven people who can do nothing now, while we have to run for my new reportage program. I make television that is literally on the skin – I embrace people, crawl next to them on the couch, that’s all possible not anymore.”

He has also dedicated himself to do as many useful things as possible, such as helping out on the garbage truck and distributing food to the homeless. Beau: “As a BN’er, you will soon be blamed for self-righteousness, but I really only do it because I think those people deserve to be put in the limelight.”

Tjitske Reidinga, Gordon and Monic Hendrickx are also at home and are concerned about their loved ones. You can read their stories in the latest edition of LINDA. which is available from Wednesday.


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