Beau: ‘I really hated Albert Verlinde’

Sander Lantinga was a guest with Beau to talk about his series about duos. For example, Carlo & Irene, Bert and Ernie, Nick & Simon and Art & Garfunkel were discussed. Beau’s duoship with Albert Verlinde was also briefly discussed. According to Sander, you should have chemistry as a couple. “I agree with you,” says Beau. “But you can also have chemistry with someone you hate. I have to think about Albert Verlinde.”

“I don’t hate him more. But at a certain point I really hated him,” Beau says. “It worked a little bit. I thought it was fantastic at first, but then … (…) And it still worked.” Sander understands that and will also broach this topic in his new show Legendary duos, which can be seen on NPO3 every week at 20:55 from 25 May. View below Beau back, making a statement about Albert in the sixth minute.


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