Beau’s talk show RTL Exclusief divides viewers: ‘confusing’

RTL Exclusive started tonight and saw how Beau hung around the table with celebrities. The deepfake faces came to chat about their interesting corona year. But not everyone could laugh at the satirical show. ‘This is so silly,’ says one viewer. ‘Very bland, rarely funny. Can’t match Carlo Boszhard. Also often silly, but often very funny, ‘says another. ‘Máxima does not seem, Diederik Gommers does not seem. (…) No, this is very bad, ‘said a third.

Others are very enthusiastic about the satirical program. One even calls it ‘fairly brilliant’ how Diederik Gommers is portrayed. ‘Wonderful humor, just a good laugh’, says another on Twitter. “I really like this program,” said a third. And a fourth summarizes the whole of the reactions: ‘Sometimes quite funny, but most of all confusing’.

Beau recently turned 50. To celebrate Abraham, Maxim Hartman dropped by with some gifts. The presenter had little interest in it, as can be seen in the video below.


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