Because of the heat: rail customers can postpone journeys – all the information

Deutsche Bahn is canceling the train connection for all long-distance tickets for today and tomorrow. You can therefore postpone your journey and board any other train. All details.

Attention train customers: Deutsche Bahn AG is granting a special goodwill for long-distance tickets due to the heat wave. If you already have a train ticket for a train journey for today (July 19) or tomorrow (July 20), you can postpone this journey at no extra charge.

This is what the special goodwill looks like

Under the heading “Extra goodwill for the heat wave: flexible use of long-distance tickets”, Deutsche Bahn writes that all passengers who have a long-distance ticket for July 19 or 20, 2022 can use this ticket flexibly. In other words, you can choose your ride

up to and including 07/27/2022

postpone and use the existing ticket for the later journey. You can simply board the train, the train connection is cancelled.

This special goodwill arrangement also applies to train-related tickets (saver and super-saver prices), as the railway emphasizes. The train connection for saver fares and super saver fares has been lifted. You can use another train to continue your journey, this also applies to local trains (RE, RB, IRE and S-Bahn).

Seat reservations can also be canceled or exchanged free of charge. For that you should be at the DB sales points.

Important restriction: The city function is not covered by this special goodwill. For the journey to/from the train station in the place of departure or destination, you must purchase a ticket for local public transport on the new day of travel, as Deutsche Bahn explains.

In particular, the failure of the air conditioning in the trains could be dangerous for people with health problems in view of the high temperatures. For this reason alone, you should consider whether you want to take the train today or tomorrow.

Regardless of this special goodwill, the general regulations for delays or train cancellations apply, as the railway emphasizes. In view of the high temperatures, it is actually to be feared that the technology of the railway infrastructure, some of which does not require renovation, is even more vulnerable than usual. Therefore, before you start your journey, you should definitely check on or in the DB Navigator app whether your planned train is running on time.

On this website, Deutsche Bahn has summarized all the information on special goodwill.

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