Because there are no chips, VW has to stop its Golf production

Golf production at the main plant in Wolfsburg.

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The car manufacturer Volkswagen lacks electronic components for vehicle production. Hundreds of thousands of cars cannot be built in the new year. VW Sales Director Klaus Zellmer would therefore like to “fight for every car in 2021”, as he emphasized in a conversation with the “Handelsblatt”. The Golf production in Wolfsburg is particularly affected. According to Zellmer, production was therefore stopped before Christmas and will not start again until mid-January.

Volkswagen underestimated the demand for cars in the Corona period and ordered too few chips. “We will probably still feel this deficiency throughout the first quarter of 2021,” said the Porsche USA boss.

According to Zellmer, it cannot be foreseen with certainty whether the situation will improve in the second quarter. The development of the pandemic also plays a role here. In the case of Brexit, however, the sales director is optimistic due to the trade agreement between the EU and Great Britain.

The first e-SUV is in the starting blocks

Volkswagen would also like to continue investing heavily in the most important future field, electromobility, in 2021. Every third Golf and every fourth Passat is a hybrid, emphasizes Zellmer. This year the company intends to expand its market share by 0.5 percent. In the long term, Volkswagen is planning investments of up to 11 billion euros in the branch over the next four years.

The “Green Deal” of the European Union accelerates the transformation process at the group. Due to the new EU regulations, VW will have to produce 300,000 additional electric cars a year.

VW sales director and Porsche USA boss Klaus Zellmer.

VW sales director and Porsche USA boss Klaus Zellmer.

Photo by Drew Angerer / Getty Images

With the ID.4, the company’s latest e-model and the company’s first electric SUV will also be in the starting blocks in late summer 2021. A coupé variant, the ID.5, will also come onto the market later in the year.

Volkswagen also wants to upgrade its software and make up ground over its competitor Tesla. The ID.4 should also be able to download software updates “over the air”.

When asked how the group has dealt with public perception since the diesel scandal in 2015, Zellmer replied to the “Handelsblatt” that an image change would be “not a sprint, but rather a marathon”. The goal is still the climate neutrality of the group by 2050.

This is what the Chinese VW clone of the ID.3 looks like


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