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Most beautiful travel memory

Slow travel around the Mediterranean. From Valencia to Rome, from Naples to Palermo, Sicily, Malta / Gozo, Catania and then also the Greek islands of Santorini, Milos, Foleandros and Crete. In August we flew home from Athens.


Blood poisoning while we were staying with the Dayaks in the bush of Borneo. 36 hours of travel from civilization. Then you realize that you are a long way from home.

Longest journey

Our three month trip around the world. South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands and Japan. We came home with 40 rolls of film! At the time, you could easily spend another week in the Canary Islands from the cost of printing all those photos.

Suitcases ever lost

Never travel in 46 years … Until 2018 and in 2019! Flying from Puerto Rico in 2018 we almost missed the transfer in Atalanta. We jumped on the plane just in time, not our bags. Already on the plane we received a message via the app that our suitcases would be delivered at home later. Perfectly arranged! In 2019 we flew home from Hong Kong via Paris and the same thing happened. Hopefully it will not become a trend, if it is nice to come home, you do not have to unpack and do the laundry.

Ultimate vacation gadget

May sound old-fashioned, but we have a culinary guide that explains the French term for food. As a result, we have often had excellent dining in French-speaking countries.

Craziest ever

When we visited the Dayaks, a young woman was offered to me to come home with us. And that while my own girlfriend was just there. On my trip to Cuba (the second charter ever to the island) the travel agency advised me to bring dried food ‘because there was a shortage of everything there’. But of course there was plenty of food and you should have seen the faces of the Cuban family that we ate the dried kale and mashed potatoes with.

Craziest food

When we returned from the Indonesian island of Komodo to the island of Sumbawa, we received a delicious plate of rice with – we thought – beef. It turned out to be monkey meat. Tasted fine!

Most beautiful meeting

The meeting with our Foster daughter on the island of Java. She was 4 years young at the time. Now she is a 38 year old woman, we are still in touch and she named her daughter after me: Gera.

Favorite address

Asteria Café in Agios Nikolaos on the island of Crete. We have been coming there for 20 years and like to sit on the terrace on the busy street. Besides many tourists, the whole Greek life passes by. Goats behind a motorcycle, grandpa in his 50-year-old pick-up. Awesome!

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