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beer and sauce expired

The countdown has begun. Two more nights of dreaming about beer and bitterballen on the terrace and then we can again, and the weather will be quite nice. The hospitality industry is already busy with it, but it is not going smoothly for everyone yet.

Now that the terraces are opening on Wednesday, the catering industry is moving again, but that does not happen automatically. Wholesalers often have to advance the stocks, because catering bosses simply do not have enough money in their bank account. This is what the trade association Samenwerkende Horeca Groothandels Nederland (SHGN) said against BNR News Radio.

Catering and best before date

Beer, soft drinks, sauces, juices: all these products have passed their expiration date during the catering closure and entrepreneurs now have to replenish all those stocks in one go, says Hans van der Eijk. He owns catering wholesaler Hocras and is a board member of SHGN. “Smaller catering businesses in particular cannot always pay the bill for purchasing the stocks in one go.”

Make arrangements

But most catering businesses manage to pay for their new stocks in one go. BNR also spoke with Cor Boys, owner of catering wholesaler VHC Boys. He has called on his customers to buy supplies even if they are not yet able to pay the bill. “Then we will make an arrangement. It is in everyone’s interest to open up again and satisfy customers. ”

Beers more expensive

In the context of satisfying customers, it is not very convenient for the breweries that they have raised the price of beer. The price of a beer will be about 25 cents higher than before. This means that you quickly pay three euros per beer.

This price increase is not caused by the catering businesses, but is caused by the breweries. AB InBev and Swinkels, for example, already increased the price of the barley beer by 3.5 percent earlier this month. AB InBev is the brewery of Jupiler and Hertog Jan. Swinkels is the brewery behind Bavaria. Grolsch and Heineken are also going to implement a price increase. For example, Grolsch will charge 4 percent more and Heineken will increase prices by 3 percent.

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The catering industry cannot always pay wholesalers: beer and sauce expired


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