Beer gardens, holiday apartments, hotels: all federal states are now opening

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The corona numbers are falling. As of Wednesday, the nationwide incidence was 138.8. However, 103 of 412 districts in Germany are already below the incidence of 100, 13 of them even below 50. This means that not only does the federal corona emergency brake no longer apply, but further easing is in sight.

On Thursday, the states want to discuss a nationwide joint plan for openings at a conference of the heads of the Senate and State Chancelleries. But some countries have already advanced. explains what to expect in your state now:


In view of a slightly falling seven-day incidence, the state government has cautiously raised hopes that beer gardens and hotel areas will be open during the Whitsun holidays in less polluted regions. Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) said that he could imagine that this would be possible on Pentecost in cities and districts in which corona infection numbers were low on several consecutive days and emphasized the lower risk of infection outdoors. Conceivable relaxations are then connected with a corresponding test strategy and the presentation of the vaccination card for fully vaccinated people.


Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) announced on Tuesday that vacation in the Free State at the beginning of the Whitsun holidays on May 21 in regions with low corona infection rates would again be allowed. In districts and cities with a stable seven-day incidence of less than 100, hotels, holiday apartments and campsites should be allowed to reopen.


Even in the federal capital it has not yet been announced that the hotels will open soon if the incidence is below 100. From the point of view of the Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD), a nationwide agreement on vacation options during the summer vacation is indispensable. If everything goes well, tourist offers should also play a role in Berlin in summer. At Whitsun – just like in Brandenburg – the idea of ​​opening outdoor catering is being considered.


No specific opening plans known so far.


Brandenburg wants to open outdoor catering at Pentecost, if the incidence continues to fall or remains stable. In addition, the state government wants to think about further openings in sport, culture and tourism as soon as possible. Here too, however, the “outside before inside” principle applies.


The situation is different in the Hanseatic city: In Hamburg, tourism is not permitted for an indefinite period. The red-green Senate headed by Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) is considered to be very strict when it comes to implementing the corona restrictions. Accordingly, holiday apartments and hotels are still closed for private travelers.


No specific opening plans known so far.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Since Wednesday, fully vaccinated people from other federal states have been allowed to come as day tourists or to visit their second home. However, the regulation does not apply to children. Since they have not yet received a vaccine, it is currently not possible for people under the age of 16 to enter the state. Otherwise, the lockdown applies until May 22, as Health Minister Harry Glawe (CDU) said. A week in advance, the cabinet wanted to discuss how to proceed afterwards. The goal is an incidence of around 50, only then should there be model regions such as in Schleswig-Holstein as a first step for tourism and gastronomy, in order to test what has proven itself.

Lower Saxony

From next week on, there will be an opening of tourism in areas with a seven-day incidence of less than 100 – but this should remain limited to residents of Lower Saxony until at least the end of May. You can then check into hotels, holiday apartments and campsites again, this is coupled with negative rapid tests or a vaccination certificate. A government spokeswoman said on Wednesday in Hanover to see how the easing step would prove to be effective over two weeks. A further opening of tourism for guests outside the country could then be incorporated into the following Corona regulation, which will take effect from May 31.

North Rhine-Westphalia

No specific opening plans known so far.


The state government wants to deal with opening steps on Friday. It will be about the low-contact vacation during the Whitsun holidays, for example in a holiday apartment or on a campsite with its own sanitary facility, said Prime Minister Malu Dreyer (SPD) of the German Press Agency. “We will continue to monitor the infection process closely and decide whether further openings in the area of ​​retail, catering, hotel and culture, especially in regions with low incidences, are justifiable.”


The state government continues to rely on its model projects. On its website, the government points out that the “Saarland model” is still possible in counties if the seven-day incidence is stable below 100. The model envisages opening steps in gastronomy, sports and culture, coupled with rapid tests. All counties are currently over 100.


The outdoor dining and tourism industry easing is slated to come when the 7-day incidence in a region is below 100 for five days. Holidays are then possible again at campsites and in holiday apartments, and from an incidence below 50 also in pensions and hotels. If the number of infections is higher, the so-called federal emergency brake continues to apply through the Infection Protection Act. The city of Leipzig currently has the lowest incidence in Saxony with 114.8 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days.


As of this weekend, the outdoor catering, some tourist offers and the outdoor areas of swimming pools can open again, as the Minister of Health Petra Grimm-Benne announced on Friday. Certain outdoor events as well as tourist stays should be possible. The requirement is a negative corona test, plus hygiene rules and access restrictions. The regulation applies to rural districts and urban districts whose seven-day incidence is stable below 100.

The ordinance will come into force on Saturday and end on May 24th – so the federal emergency brake will fall in Magdeburg on Sunday, explained Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff. For five days, the state capital has had an incidence of less than 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days. Swimming pools and bathing establishments can also be opened. Training with up to 25 people outdoors is also possible. In the open outdoor catering, the number of guests at a table is limited to six.


In the northernmost federal state, tourism started on April 19 – albeit with a regional limit. It started with strict guidelines in the Schleiregion around Schleswig and Kappeln as well as in Eckernförde. North Friesland started on May 1st, including Sylt and the other islands. Büsum in Dithmarschen as a model project starts on May 10th, the Lübeck Bay model project on May 8th. The prerequisite for the model projects is corona incidences stable below the mark of 100 new infections per week and 100,000 inhabitants. Guests must come with a fresh negative test and repeat it at the destination within a few days. And soon the whole state will follow suit: From May 17, those vaccinated against the coronavirus as well as those who have recovered and those who have been tested will be allowed to stay in accommodation facilities nationwide under strict guidelines, as Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) announced on Wednesday.


If the incidence falls below 100, visits to the beer garden and certain forms of tourism should be possible again in the future. The new rules are due to come into force on Thursday. The planned regulation provides for automatic opening steps in the field of outdoor catering, camping, booking holiday homes and body-friendly services, among other things. Hotels will remain closed for the time being.

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