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Beetroot cocktails and chilled red wine: this summer we drink our drinks just a little bit different Lifestyle

Cocktail, but different

Our Felix starts with a cocktail, of course. That is why he asked Richard Zijlstra of Triple C in Amsterdam for a number of recipes, one of which really stood out: with beets!

Zijlstra: “The trend is clear. Drinks, for example with food, which are spicy but contain little or no alcohol. The aperitif cards that I have been allowed to make for many restaurants must also have tough flavors, but alcohol goes from “low” to “no”. “

By the way, a cocktail is a mixture of at least three ingredients, two of which must be drinkable and one must contain alcohol. Also a trend: it should also be low in calories.

The Red Recovery with beet juice is. “A great experience. Beetroot juice mixed with Pedro Ximenez vinegar, sherry. Completely insane, ”said Felix.

See the recipe here so everyone can enjoy it:

– 50 ml beetroot juice

– 5 ml Pedro Ximenez vinegar

– 20 ml Teisseire See Salt Caramel syrup

– 75 ml London Essence Bitter Orange & Elderflower Tonic

– 75 ml London Essence Ginger Beer

Zijlstra: “The strength lies in the earthiness of the beet juice, which is immediately lifted again by the bit of vinegar. The vinegar also comes from the earth, but together they make it feel like you are biting into a steak. ”

Tonic, but different

We know limoncello, we know tonic, we know gin and tonic, but we didn’t know limoncello tonic yet. So there is, in a can, also. Filled with Fiorito Limoncello Superiore, tonic, lime grass and basil, which ensures a fresh and spicy taste. Just drink it from the can (retail price € 1.99), or make a festive aperitif, served in a glass with ice.

Gin, but different

We can now conclude: gin and tonic is here to stay. And so there are now many variants on the market. The newest: Ghino, invented by two good friends during a drunken evening, always the time for good ideas. Their conclusion: a good gin is generally quite pricey, the taste of most gins is very strong and the tonic often determines whether the mixture is drinkable. It had to be different: an affordable gin (consumer price approximately € 28.50) that does not need the tonic, but rather strengthens it. To make it slightly different, make the Skinny Ginny; Ghino with simply sparkling water.

Red wine, but different

You drink red wine at room temperature. However? Not so. Dutch wine connoisseurs have known for years that, especially in the spring and summer months, you should drink your red wine slightly chilled. In Spain, many red wines have been offered in this way in restaurants and wine bars for a long time. Of course not ice cold like with white or rosé wines, but drink the red Ribera del Duero for example at a temperature of 17 ° C. Add BBQ or tapas, and see what it does! The full flavor of the wine is preserved during cooling, but the tart of tannin becomes less.


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