Before the Corona summit: extensive agreement between the federal and state governments

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Almost 17 hours before the planned summit of the federal and state governments, at which new corona rules are to be decided for the winter, the Prime Minister and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) have largely agreed on the planned new measures. This emerges from a draft resolution from Tuesday evening that has and with which both sides want to go into the final talks on Wednesday.

There is agreement that the previous lockdown will be extended until December 20th. In addition, there are to be stricter contact restrictions from December 1: Then private meetings are only possible with another household, a maximum of five. Children up to 14 years are exempt. However, there will be exceptions from December 23rd to January 1st. Then, inside and outside, only “meetings of a household with non-household family members or non-household persons up to a maximum of 10 people in total” are permitted. Here, too, children up to 14 years are excluded. In addition, the federal and state governments voted for early Christmas holidays nationwide from December 19.

According to the paper, the federal government also wants to introduce new rules for rail traffic. In the future, only all window seats should be bookable in the winter months. Further: “The aisle seats are largely blocked in the reservation system and can then no longer be reserved. In principle, only one seat per double seat can be reserved on all trains. For seating groups with a table, only the diagonally opposite seats can be booked. In compartments with six seats, only two seats can be reserved. For customers traveling together, areas are provided in which adjacent seats can be reserved. This means that people from the same household can travel together and do not split up on the train. “

According to the document, three points are still in dispute:

School: That is the greatest point of conflict. The federal and state governments agree that in corona hotspots with more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days (“incidence”), a mask requirement should also apply in class for pupils from grade 7 (except schools without infection) . However, the Chancellery also wants to guarantee hybrid instruction from grade 7 onwards in those regions in which the incidence is above the national average.

Exception from the most recent resolution

Exception from the most recent resolution

The federal states also want more federal funding for school transport, as can be seen in the recommendation for a resolution. In contrast, the federal government refers to existing financial regulations.

Hospital funding: The federal states are demanding more money from the federal government for hospital financing. The federal government, however, does not want to commit itself, merely promises more money.

Test capacity: The Chancellery is calling for an increase in the corona test capacities: In the case of cold symptoms before Christmas, a more generous test option should also be offered in order to make the encounters at Christmas time as safe as possible.

Retail trade: The Chancellery wants only one customer per 25 square meters to be in stores. The federal states, on the other hand, want to adhere to the regulation with 10 square meters.


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