Before the Stock Market Game Begins: What Is Investing Anyway?

Next Monday, November 1, the RTL Z Beursspel starts. A great opportunity to get to grips with the basics of investing without any risks. The first broadcast of Beursspel TV helps to appear well prepared at the start. That is why Jim Tehupuring gives an update on the current status of the financial world. Because will the positive sentiment on the stock markets remain or is the bubble expected to burst soon? Spoiler alert: starting to invest is wise.

Furthermore, in this episode, we explain what investing actually is, how to invest wisely and stock market commentator Durk shares his timeless stock market classic: ‘Keep calm when things go wrong for a while.’

Also play along via

Beursspel TV, every Thursday at 9:45 and Friday at 9:15 on RTL Z.

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