Before the Tesla Cybertruck, also in Europe: Rivian names prices for electric pickups and SUVs

The interest in light commercial vehicles with open loading areas, i.e. pickups, is likely to be limited in Europe – unless they are the Tesla Cybertruck announced for the end of 2021, which, however, will initially only be available in North America. In the USA, however, this category is also very popular with non-tradespeople, and several other manufacturers want to offer electric pickups there, some earlier than Tesla. With Rivian, one of the most interesting has now activated the configurator for his R1T. There is also an SUV variant of it – and both should also come to Europe.

Rivian pickup and SUV also for Europe

In the long term, Europe and China are important sales markets for the company, which was founded in 2009, said founder and CEO RJ Scaringe this week to the news agency Reuters. According to earlier information, the Rivian R1S SUV is expected to hit these markets in 2022. Scaringe expects more potential there from smaller vehicles that are planned for later as well as local production. Rivian is financially strong, among other things, through an investment by Amazon: the online giant wants 100,000 e-delivery vehicles and has invested almost $ 700 million in the company.

For private customers in the USA, however, the focus has so far been on the R1T pickup, which can now be configured. With a length of 5.54 meters and a width of 1.83 meters without exterior mirrors, it is a typical American loading platform carrier and, with 34 degrees at the front and 29.3 degrees at the rear, it has a decent angle of approach suitable for off-road use. And the ground clearance of up to 37 centimeters announced by Rivian is even gigantic.

The same can be said about the battery sizes: 105, 135 or 180 kWh should be available in the future, which would mean a range of up to 644 kilometers – less than the largest Tesla Cybertruck, but very attractive. According to Rivian, the smallest version still manages almost 480 kilometers. The power when charging should then be up to 160 kW. All previous Tesla models, at least in the USA, can do this faster (Model S and Model X hardly exceed 140 kW in Europe because of the required CCS adapter), and the previous peak output of 250 kW could be increased again for the Cybertruck.

Tesla competitor can do Panzer trick

On one point, however, Rivian is clearly ahead of Tesla: The first copies of the R1T are to be delivered as early as June 2021. The price for this, although now lowered in response to the Cybertruck, is a higher price. The first available Launch Edition will cost $ 75,000, with US customers still able to deduct $ 7,500 tax credit for new e-manufacturers.

Compared to one of the Nitro Pickups from around 30,000 dollars that are popular in the USA, the Rivian R1T is even extremely expensive. But similar to Tesla and in some cases even more, it also offers special performance. The engines are said to have a combined output of 800 hp and a torque of up to 1120 Newton meters – and because there are four of them, the pickup has a special trick, as Rivian demonstrated some time ago: it can turn on the spot like a tank.


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