‘Belastingdienst staff does not dare to report abuses’

This is apparent from a still unpublished report that NRC writes about. This is an investigation that was carried out by two lawyers on behalf of the House of Representatives in response to the Allowances affair.

‘Laws and regulations’

The newspaper has seen the report and concludes that employees who pass on distressing stories from citizens to managers are told that ‘the laws and regulations are just the way they are’.

Anyone who works for the tax authorities and who reports abuses or irregularities is systematically ignored. It also sometimes causes problems for temporary staff and contracts are not renewed, for example. According to the researchers, the work process at the Tax Authorities ensures that ‘problems are not solved and are left behind’.

No internal discussion

MP Pieter Omtzigt, who had insisted on the report, writes in a response that ‘internal discussion is the first and best line of defense to uncover mistakes’. “It now seems to have been completely disabled at the Tax Authorities,” Omtzigt reports.

Ministry response

The Ministry of Finance said in a response to the newspaper that the report ‘makes it clear that we are not yet where we want to be’.

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