Belgian break dancer Maxime “Madmax” Blieck comes second at the unofficial World Cup

The Belgian Maxime Blieck has finished second at the world final of the Red Bull BC, which is seen as the unofficial breakdance world championship. Maxime was the only Belgian ever in that final.

Twenty-year-old Maxime Blieck has achieved silver in the world final of the Red Bull BC in Salzburg, Austria. The Russian Kastet eventually won.


Maxime Blieck is known in the breakdance world as Madmax and can now count himself among the world top in sports. Earlier this year she won like the Red Bull BC One E-Battle. And now she was also in the final of the Red Bull BC, which is seen as the unofficial World Cup breakdance.

Madmax took on the Russian defending champion Kastet in the final. A jury of five decides who wins the battle afterwards. Maxmax was able to convince one of the five jury members, but in the end it was Kastet who extended her title. The Japanese Shigekix won in the men.

Watch the full finale here:

Olympic discipline

In 2024, breakdance will become an Olympic discipline and Maxime can therefore take a shot at a medal at the Paris Games. She will certainly lead the Belgian team there. Breakdance made its appearance as a discipline at the Summer Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires last year. And will therefore also be seen at the official games from 2024.

In addition to breakdance, three new disciplines will be added to the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. These include wall climbing, skateboarding and surfing.


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