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Belgian cook lost 500 plates | Abroad

Chef Filip Meul, of brasserie ‘t Polderhuis, now has his hands in his hair, writes VRT. “When the terraces open on May 8, I will not have enough plates to open,” he sighs. The chef attaches great importance to quality and therefore refuses to serve his dishes in aluminum dishes. “For example, if you eat carpaccio from such a bowl, it doesn’t taste good,” he says.


That principle could cost him dearly in a minute, because if he doesn’t get his plates back in time, it will be difficult to open on May 8. “Buying five hundred new plates is unfeasible,” he says.

Everyone is now wondering whether it would not have been wiser to ask for a deposit for the plates. “We find it difficult to do that in times when everyone is struggling,” explains the cook. “Suppose you ask 10 euros per plate, because they are well worth it, then someone who orders four dishes has to pay 40 euros extra. That’s too much. We didn’t want to do that to people. ”

At least Filip Meul still hopes that customers who have plates from him will return them soon. Only in this way will he soon be able to open his kitchen again, just like other restaurants.


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